Sprint Social Stock Control Module

The stock control module deactivates a Sprint Social payment link automatically after a selected number of items are sold.   This prevents people from buying items that are no longer available, which is important given that payments links are out in the wild (on Social media, in emails and on blogs!) potentially forever!

It can be used by sellers who have limited physical items to sell or digital sellers who want to create scarcity by offering a limited number of items available.

Sprint Social Shipping Address Module

The Sprint Social shipping module collects the buyers shipping address from PayPal and enters it into the Sprint Social admin.  It allows users to mark items as shipped and sort items by pending shipping and those already shipped.

This module is critical to anybody selling physical products who is not selling to the local market.  This module is also in ongoing development and will have many more features, all of which will be free to those who purchase this module from this page.

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